DocuShuk* is an online marketplace that showcases and offers year-round access to the latest and best releases from the vibrant Israeli documentary industry. The platform allows international buyers and programmers to stay updated, find and screen the finest films from Israel, and directly contact Israeli filmmakers and distributors.

DocuShuk features secure access to the biggest catalog of Israeli completed films, with exclusive full screeners, as well as selected in-development projects that participate in our CoPro Market and seek production partners. With DocuShuk, you can meet our filmmakers online, tap into up-and-coming projects, and use our online screening platform year-round, from anywhere in the world, on any device. With over 1000 users and a catalog of over 100 films, DocuShuk is vitally necessary in today’s shifting online global market. In times like these, we encourage you more than ever to stay in touch and find the latest and best Israeli films, all online.

DocuShuk was conceived by our studio in collaboration with CoPro Documentary and Animation Marketing Foundation, and the process included branding, product planning, UI design for buyers and filmmakers dashboards, and ongoing website design for year-round and yearly CoPro event.

The DocuShuk website:

*DocuShuk has been renamed, rebranded and redesigned recently, as part of the 25th year rebrand of CoPro. This page will be soon updated accordingly.